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Michael S. Rothkopf, Composer
Compositions available from the American Composers Alliance
(please contact me directly for the Max programs needed to perform my interactive works)

I grew up in Colorado and have always found inspiration in the abstract beauty of the terrain, colors, climate and wonder of that place. To my thinking, listening to music in its most pure, abstract form, offers a similar and equally profound experience. It is this pure form and experience that I strive to create in my music. To that end I focus much of my creativity on melodic line, counterpoint, color and clarity of form. 

My creative work also embraces themes of time, perception and remembrance. I am fascinated by the many ways time is perceived in music and how our remembrance of places and moments are tied to music. My work also explores combining and juxtaposing both traditional and experimental ideas in new meaningful ways. 

Most recently, I have turned my attention to creating interactive works involving performers and computers. In these works I create performance environments that intensify improvisational and interpretive music making.


John W. Lambert, Raleigh Spectator
Encounters...with the Music of Our Time
“...the "single-movement sonatina" created a sense of time and occasion that effectively drew the listeners into its sonic world.”

Robert Workmon, Winston-Salem Journal
NCSA audience introduced to blending of electronic music, live performances
“...Rothkopf's Haiku Songs blended Teresa Radomski's rich soprano voice with Robert Listokin's impeccably produced tones on the clarinet and a tape score of remarkable sensuousness.”

Mitchell S. Klein, Palo Alto Times
Composers' new works
“...Whispering, hushed, solemn textures are interspersed with silences into an arresting sound picture.”
Michael S. Rothkopf ® 315 Commonwealth Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104