Michael S. Rothkopf, Composer
Compositions available from the American Composers Alliance

Reviews and Comments

Encounters...with the Music of Our Time
“...the "single-movement sonatina" created a sense of time and occasion that effectively drew the listeners into its sonic world.”
     --John Lambert, Raleigh Spectator

NCSA audience introduced to blending of electronic music, live performances
“...Rothkopf's Haiku Songs blended Teresa Radomski's rich soprano voice with Robert Listokin's impeccably produced tones on the clarinet and a tape score of remarkable sensuousness.”
     --Robert Workmon, Winston-Salem, Journal

Composers' new works
“...Whispering, hushed, solemn textures are interspersed with silences into an arresting sound picture.”
     --Mitchell S. Klein, Palo Alto Times

“...Rothkopf’s handling of instrumental and electronic materials shows a high degree of virtuosity and his work is significant for two reasons: his music represents an evolution in the aesthetic possibilities of combining instruments and electronics, while at the same time he has developed technical solutions significant for the genre. His music is imaginative and original, and his interactive compositions are situated at the frontier where art and technology meet." 
     --Cort Lippe, Composer, Director - Hiller Computer Music Studios, University at Buffalo-SUNY

“…Lyric” proved to be a beautiful work containing many expressive musical details in both the cello writing and in the electronic realization. Seemingly disparate musical forces came together creating a convincing, unified composition. Careful attention to phrasing musical gestures –a distinctive feature in Rothkopf’s music –was in complete evidence here.”
     --Arthur V. Kreiger, Sylvia Pasternack Marx Professor of Music, Connecticut College.