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Michael S. Rothkopf, Composer
I am currently working on a new work for alto flute for flutist, Krisztina Dér, songs for soprano, Theresa Radomski, and a new work for saxophone and computer for saxophonist Steve Stucek.  The saxophone piece loosely follows the musical transformations of the rāgam-tānam-pallavi form found in Indian classical music. This work will begin with freely composed/interpreted music and slowly transform into a structured improvisation.

I recently revised Quieto for Guitar and Computer.  This is a work I created in 1989.  It was among my first works for live performance and electronic sounds.  The revised version is much more idiomatic for the guitar and more carefully shapes the rhythmic and melodic phrasing.  I am now working on creating an updated interactive computer playback for the work to replace the pre-recorded electronic sounds from the original.

 I wrote Interchange for Violin and Computer in 2017 for violinist Wooram Kwon.  The piece began as a violin transcription of an earlier work, Night Dances for Viola and Computer from 2003.  However, in revising it, I rewrote the entire piece as well as took a new approach to the interactive computer part.  Interchange is schedule for it's premiere by Wooram Kwon sometime in the spring of 2018.

I completed a work titled Into the Landscape for marimba and computer in July 2016 for a collaboration with choreographer Kate McFalls. This work for modern dance incorporates interactive performances by musicians and dancers in which both the composed and improvised elements of the work are intertwined through the computer.  Into the Landscape was premiered in January 2017.

I created an electronic score, "Aluvio" for the April 2016 Winston-Salem Light Project.  Aluvio is a soundscape created to enhance a lighting installation in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.  Four seniors in the lighting program at the UNC School of the Arts have designed different aspects of this outdoor lighting installation. “The beauty of light and sound will flow outward from the tunnel into the small park,” said lighting designer Ryan O’Mara, who is originally from Chapel Hill. “It will be a multi-sensory, fully encompassing experience filled with light and color and sound.”

In December 2015, I finished a new work for piano and computer titled Chaconne.  This work was composed for pianist Yael Manor and takes it's inspiration from the Baroque keyboard compositions of J.S. Bach.  Chaconne was premiered by Ms. Manor in March 2016.

In August 2014, I composed a new work for soprano, bassoon and computer titled Two Wings. This work is a vocal setting of a poem by Uruguayan poet Delmira Augustini. The piece has an intense dramatic quality and involves a new technical challenge where the computer program listens to both performers in making its performance decisions while synchronizing an animation to the music. Two Wings was premiered at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts on November 1, 2014 and performed again in September 2015 at the International Computer Music Conference at the University of North Texas. The piece is dedicated to Elizabeth Pacheco Rose, Soprano and Saxton Rose, Bassoon.  

In 2013, I completed I Dream of Coloured Inks for Two Flutes, written for flutist Krisztina Dér. In this piece two flutists and the computer improvise together to create a sound world inspired by Hungarian poet Kosztolányi Dezső’s poem of the same name. The computer in I Dream of Coloured Inks also improvises a lighting sequence in response to the musical improvisation. The piece was premiered at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in April 2014 and received a subsequent performance at the University of Maryland (UMBC) in May 2014.  

I composed Gitanjali, a demanding new work for flute and computer in March 2013 and heard a wonderful premiere of it by Aaron Perdue at the Shepard School of Music at Rice University in April 2013.  

List of Works
Interchange for Violin and Computer (2017)
Into the Landscape for Marimba and Computer (2016)
Aluvio for Computer (2016)
Chaconne for Piano and Computer (2015)
Two Wings for Soprano, Bassoon and Computer (2014)
I Dream of Coloured Inks for Two Flutes & Computer (2013)
Gitanjali for Flute and Computer (2013)
The Light We Are for Small Chorus (2012)
Sonnets for Tenor, Harpsichord and Computer (2011)
Catskill Eagle for Tenor, Violin and Computer (2010)
The Gift Half Understood for Computer (2009)
Lyric for Cello and Computer (2008)
At a Crossroads for Bassoon and Computer (2007)
Azimuth for Violin, Viola and Computer (2000-2006)
Songs of Light for Soprano and Computer (2005)
If You Came This Way for Computer (2004)
Night Dances for Viola and Computer (2003)
Symmetries for Piano and Computer (2002)
Improvisation for Flute and Computer (2001)
In My End Is My Beginning for Computer (2000)
Bagatelle for Woodwind Quintet (1999)
Six Haiku for Soprano, Clarinet in A and Computer (1998)
Fuga for Two Pianos (1997)
A Winter Partita for Flute (1996)
At the Still Point for Computer (1995)
Equipoise for Orchestra (1994)
Remarks on Colour for Bass Clarinet and Tape (1991)
String Quartet No. 1 (1990)
Quieto for Guitar and Tape (1989)
Cantus Sinfonia for Orchestra (1988)
Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Viola & Guitar (1987)
Ghost Song for Tape (1986)
…is as the Grass for Double Bass (1985)
I am Slow as the World for Soprano (1984)
Sonata for Oboe, Clarinet and Electronic Playback (1983)
Sinfonia for String Quartet (1982)
Untitled for Piano (1981)
Variations for Clarinet, Violin and Double Bass (1980)
Photograph for Cello and Tape (1979)
Preludes for Flute, Cello, Piano & Percussion (1978)
Movement for Orchestra (1977) 
The Effects of Chiaroscuro for String Trio & Reader (1976) 
Phoenix for Cello (1975)
Duo for Violin and Piano (1974)
Prelude for Piano (1974)
Stars, I Have Seen Them Fall for Soprano & Piano (1974)
Five Short Movements for Piano (1974) 
Untitled for Orchestra (1973)
Untitled for String Orchestra (1973)
Air for Flute and Cello (1973)
Trio for Flutes (1972)
Duo for Flutes (1972)