Michael S. Rothkopf, Composer
I grew up in Colorado and have always found inspiration in the abstract beauty of the terrain, colors, climate and wonder of the West. To my thinking, listening to music in its most pure, abstract form, offers a similar and equally profound experience. It is this pure form and experience that I strive to create in my music. To that end, I focus much of my creativity on melodic line, counterpoint, color and clarity of form. 

My creative work also embraces themes of time, perception and remembrance. I am fascinated by the many ways time is perceived in music and how our remembrance of places and moments are tied to music. My work also explores combining and juxtaposing both traditional and experimental ideas in new meaningful ways. 

Most recently, I have turned my attention to creating interactive works involving performers and computers. In these works I create performance environments that intensify improvisational and interpretive music making.

I recently completed a new work for solo piano titled Touch.  The work explores the expressive possibilities pianists bring to music through their ability to shade and shape phrasing through their attack and release of the keys on the keyboard.

I composed a new work in 2019 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, marimba, piano and computer titled Crossed Destinies. My goal in this work was to create a balance between composed/interpreted music and improvisation.  I was inspired by author Italvo Calvino's book The Castle of Crossed Destinies, in which Calvino, creates a set of intertwined short stories all generated from a Tarot card reading.  In my work, I created a set of Tarot cards each with a distinctive musical phrase.  The performers are asked to draw cards from the computer via iPad touch screen interface and improvise a musical narrative based on the cards each performer draws.
Interactive Instrumental
Crossed Destinies for Chamber Ensemble and Computer (2019)
Gitanjali for Flute and Computer (2017)
Into the Landscape for Marimba, Piano and Computer (2016)
Chaconne for Piano and Computer (2015)
Quieto for Guitar and Computer (2012)
Lyric for Cello and Computer (2008)
Azimuth for Violin, Viola and Computer (2006)

Interactive Vocal
Two Wings for Soprano, Bassoon and Computer (2014)
Sonnets for Tenor, Vibraphone and Computer (2011)
Catskill Eagle for Soprano, Viola and Computer (2010)
Songs of Light for Soprano and Computer (2005)
Six Haiku for Soprano, Clarinet in A and Computer (1998)

Interactive Improvisational
Psalm in White Chalk for Wind Quintet and Computer (2018)
I Dream of Coloured Inks for Two Flutes and Computer (2013)
...at a Crossroads for Bassoon and Computer (2007)
Night Dances for Viola and Computer (2003)
Improvisation for Flute and Computer (2001)

Aluvio for Computer (2016)
The Gift Half Understood for Computer (2009)
If You Came This Way for Computer (2004)
In My End is My Beginning for Computer (2000)
At the Still Point for Computer (1995)
Ghost Song for Tape (1986)

Equipoise for Orchestra (1994)
Cantus Sinfonia for Orchestra (1988)
Movement for Orchestra (1978)
Untitled for Orchestra (1973)
Untitled for String Orchestra (1973)

Vocal Chamber Music
The Light We Are for Small Chorus (2012)
I am Slow as the World for Soprano (1984)
Stars, I Have Seen Them Fall for Soprano and Piano (1974)

Chamber Music
Touch for Piano (2020)
Symmetries for Piano (2002)
Bagatelle for Woodwind Quintet (1999)
Fuga for Two Pianos (1997)
A Winter Partita for Flute (1996)
Solstice for Flute/Alto Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (1992)
String Quartet (1990)
Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Viola and Guitar (1987)
...is as the Grass for Double Bass (1985)
Sinfonia for String Quartet (1982)
Untitled for Piano (1981)
Variations for Bb Clarinet, Violin and Double Bass (1980)
Preludes for Flute, Cello, Piano and Percussion (1978)
The Effects of Chiaroscuro for Violin, Viola, Cello and Reader (1977)
Phoenix for Cello (1976)
Duo for Violin and Piano (1975)
Prelude for Piano (1975)
Air for Flute and Cello (1973)
Trio for Flutes (1972)
Duo for Flutes (1972)